Our hands and feet are real hard workers :

Housework, Gardening , everyday chores and even numerous leisure activities all contribute to our hands looking older than we are if we do not look after them. And our poor feet are worst affected ! We stuff them in ill fitting shoes and pay little respect to the fact that they carry our whole body weight.Happy feet make happy people. A pedicure is not simply the pursuit of vanity.

​Our pedicure includes a jacuzzi foot soak while sitting in a state of the art pedicure chair. Nails are trimmed and shaped ,cuticles and rough skin are removed. A good hard scrub folllowed by a blissful pressure point massage and that's not all: a soothing ,moisturizing mask is then applied. A real treat for tired feet for both ladies and gentlemen. You may wish to apply polish or allow your nails to breathe. We carry a wide range of high quality nail polish to suit all tastes. French manicure is also a well liked option for professional working girls.

If you have weak,less than perfect nails or you simply wish to follow fashion trends seen in glossy magazines ,we have the ideal solution for you : Nail Extensions

With extensions, whether you choose acrylic or gel,you can have your dream nails : ideal length,shape and strength. Acrylic is stronger and more hard wearing whereas gel is more glossy and looks awesome with French manicure. Either way ,a refill is required every 2-3 weeks to maintain them.

Are you going to a party or have a special occasion? Why not try some nail art. We can make it as discreet or as jazzy as you wish. It's your choice.

Our latest craze is gel nail polish: On like polish ,wears like a gel, Zero dry time, Mirror finish, easy on/easy off .
​No chips,smudges or flaking for 14 days.......

Really! Say Hello To The Future.